How wide and deep and long and high...

So I've been doing a lot of self evaluation lately. Mostly of my belly button. I have always had what I would consider (based on the multitude of belly buttons I've investigated) a very deep abyss of a navel. Tanner would make fun of me when I would use a Q-tip to clean it. If I collected belly button lint I'm fairly certain I could have made a winter coat by now. But, to my surprise, over the last few weeks it has taken on quite a different arrangement.  It has become quite shallow - as my blog has!  I can see all the way to the bottom it   without straining my eyes. It has also become quite wide.  It's as big around as my thumb! I failed to mention earlier that while deep, my belly button has never been very wide. 

It's funny to me that I've been so enthralled with the scar that shows where I was once nourished while growing inside my own mother's belly. My son will soon have precious little belly button that will forever be evidence of our connection.  And as my belly grows, it's only a matter of time before there is no depth at all. Soon there will be height as it pops out letting the world know that this turkey is almost done! I can't wait to see when!

With my ever-changing body and endlessly changing life, it is comforting to be reminded of those things that stay the same. The love of my family, husband and Heavenly Father - these remain. Constant. Unwavering. Thank you Jesus for change and the things that don't.

                                                         21 Weeks

And may you have the power to understand, as all God's people should, how wide, how long, how high, and how deep His love is. Ephesian 3:18

Hold up!

So I went to doctor today. Got some news. Had a freaked out moment and am now trying to wrap my mind around it. Baby Corbin's heart rate was 152 bpm and I have gained another 3 pounds.  That's not the big news. My due date has been moved from March 10 to March 4. I know it doesn't sound like much, but I was not expecting that! It does make me feel a little better about the fact the his is big for his age - average size for 19 weeks is closer to 8.5 ounces. So at my ultrasound when I thought he was huge, he was really just a little bigger than normal. 

I feel like a week of my life is just gone. It's one less week I to get to have him all to myself. It's one less week to get everything ready. Parents always talk about how the time goes so fast and before you know it your kids are grown. I guess this is just my first experience with how fast time truly can fly. Tanner is actually pretty excited about him coming a little earlier than expected. I say all of this like he will actually come on his exact due date - what are the odds? He will come when he comes and I will love him!!!

On a totally different subject.....

Happy Birthday Abbey Grace! My first sweet little niece turned 6 years old today! She is growing up to be such a lovely young lady. Her mom told me that she prays for my son every night. How sweet is that? Abbey told me today that she's not sure if we are going to have another baby someday, but if we do, she wants a girl! 

Abbey - I make no promises! Love you, sweet girl!


Just a quick update. I was doing some math over the weekend. My pregnancy apps on my phone both say the a baby at 18 weeks gestation generally weighs around 6.5 ounces. At our ultrasound, the tech said the baby weighed 9 ounces plus or minus 1 ounce. WHAT!?!?! So you're telling me this kid is already 50% bigger than most his age? He's probably going to born two feet tall and twenty pounds. He'll come out and just walk over to his daddy and say "what up."  Check out his super long legs.

Needless to say, I'm getting freaked out about the possibility of giving birth to a toddler. I want him to be healthy, but I wouldn't mind if he waited until AFTER he's born to get ahead of the curve on the whole height/weight thing.

Told you this was going to be quick! Good night!

It's A Boy!

So it seems my plea with my child was successful. We went for our ultrasound on Friday and found out we're having a boy!  He was not shy. His legs were flipped up toward his head and he was very proud. The ultrasound tech did all of the measurements and images required for the doctor and then showed us some fun stuff. We got to see all of his arms and legs and his beautiful little hands. He must have been tired because he was very still this time except for the fluttering of his heart in his chest.  It was incredible!  It was INCREDIBLE!

After finding out it's a boy I started making phone calls and then went shopping. I didn't buy much - only a onesie that says, "Daddy's happy I'm a boy." I had a moment of disappointment, then guilt, then got over it (God bless those mood swings) when I was at Baby Gap. I thought about all the cute stuff I could be buying if we were having a girl.  There is sssssssssssssoooooooooooooooooo much stuff out there for girls. I just feel like boys get the shaft.  But I quickly came back to my senses when I realized how terrible I am at accessorizing myself. It will be so much easier to throw on a cute cap and let the boy go play. 

I do still get freaked out. Even though I have nephews I feel like I have absolutely no idea what to do with a boy.  I know girls - after all I am one. I have sisters. I know girls.  Boys - I'm completely clueless. I guess it's a good thing I have a very helpful and understanding husband. He has already been informed that he WILL be the one to talk to have the sex talk with him. I don't have those parts; I'm not an authority on the subject.

Not only that, I get freaked out at the responsibility of a boy. How do I raise a son that values true manhood over maleness? Who fears God and respects women? How do I protect his heart and his mind from all the trash that is out there?  I guess this is again where the husband comes in. Tanner is all of the things I want my son to be. He is kind and sensitive, silly and tough.  He loves me, but knows how to call me out on things.  I pray that my son is half the man I have seen my husband become. Let me tell you - those are big shoes to fill.
So we totally should have known this kid was going to be a boy! For the last couple weeks that I've been able to feel him move he has been very active while we are watching football. NFL, college, whatever - he goes nuts when there is a football game on tv. Can't wait until Tanner can feel his little man going crazy in my belly!

So just one quick story about the response to the "It's a boy" news and then I'm done for today. My nephew, Connor - 4 years old, has been very excited about the prospect of a baby boy. When he got to my mom's house after school she told him the news. He said, "I am so proud! I will train him. He will be my youngling and I will train him to be a Jedi. And I will buy him a light saber and teach him how to use it."  How sweet is he!

May the force be with you.

To Whom It May Concern

Dear Baby Corbin,

This your mommy! Your sure are getting big - or a least my belly is! I finally felt you move for the first time!  It was Thursday, September 30th. You and I were in mommy and daddy's bedroom watching Grey's Anatomy. I was lying on the bed with my hand on my tummy and I felt a tiny thump! It was amazing! You brought an instant smile to my face. I know it's just the beginning of all the big moves I will get to see you make.  Crawling, walking, college, marriage. I'm sure these will come faster than I think.  I can't wait until your daddy can feel you move too!

I have a little favor to ask of you. Friday your daddy and I are going to get to see you. We are hoping to find out if you are a boy or a girl. This is the only time in your life we will ask you to not keep your knees together! I know it's a lot to ask of you, but please consider cooperating. We will love you even if you don't, but please do! We are so ready to call you by your name - although we're not 100% percent sure what that will be. Daddy can't wait to buy your crib and starting getting your room ready. I can't wait to buy you your first outfits.

We are so excited to see you and even more excited to hold you in our arms! We love you, baby!

See you soon!