Shower Me With Love

Back to doctor this past Thursday. Not much to report - gained a pound. Heart rate was 142. Still growing a healthy boy. She didn't check me for cervical changes this week but did do my Strep test. I will be completely shocked if that comes back negative. A positive result is no big deal. I'll just have to get antibiotics during labor to prevent infection in the baby.

This coming Thursday, (and every week from here on out) I'll go back to the doctor. She said at my next appointment we'll "start talking about when we want to have this baby." I'm anxious she'll try to convince me to induce early. I'm thinking if we haven't had him by our due date we will probably induce that day. I'm still not sure how I feel about induction. We've both been so healthy, I just don't see that it's necessary. I'm just praying that he comes on his own when he is ready.

We hit a very big milestone yesterday. We had our baby shower! Tanner and I didn't really realize that we had set this day as a milestone in our heads. It just feels like that was the last thing on some weird, abstract to do list (because the REAL list still has tons of stuff on it) and now it has been checked off.  It feels like now he's coming. We're not GOING to have a baby, we're HAVING a baby.  I guess it just gave us a good dose of reality. We've been enjoying the pregnancy so much and now it's time to prepare so we can enjoy parenthood.

It was so much fun having all these people who love us and our child come to celebrate.  I can't even explain how overwhelmed with love we felt. I tried to tell everyone thank you yesterday and just started to cry, so I gave up.  There are so many truly generous people in our lives. And although the gifts are amazing, it was just as meaningul that everyone is this excited to meet our child. I guess it just hit me that many people have waited a really long time to meet our son. I tend to focus on how long we have wanted to start a family. It just didn't occur to me that other people were so anxious to see us become parents.  It was a little astonishing - what a blessing we have in friends and family. We love you all - whether you come to shower or not. You have given us so much love and support. We are eternally grateful!

What A Week

It's been a crazy week! So much going on - on call this week. However, I forgot that we had switched up the schedule so that I would be on call this week (all last week I thought I would go on call next week). According to the original schedule I would have been on call the last week of February - YIKES. So with a little tweaking we've made it work. This week has also brought on the development of sciatic nerve pain in my left hip so bad at times that I can hardly walk. It's been difficult getting comfortable, but I've survived.

I spent some time in Weatherford on Saturday with one my very best friends, Daisha. She gave me a great new look - cut and color. We had lots of fun catching up. When I got home I found a wonderful new surprise waiting in the garage - a step! Tanner had noticed that the bigger my belly gets, the more trouble I have getting from the garage into the house (about a 10-12 inch level change). So while I was getting my hair done he poured the most beautiful concrete step you have ever seen. It split the difference in levels perfectly and is big enough that I can see it around my belly! Everytime I leave the house now, I smile!

Sunday morning I had to go in to work for a little while before church.  This was one of those mornings that my hip was killing me. When I was heading home, I called Tanner to see if he would start filling the bathtub for me (one of the few places I could get relief from the pain). Sweet Tanner, of course he would. I came home to a clean bathroom, full tub, candles and music playing in the bathroom. It was incredibly relaxing and helped me walk like a half-normal person. I have such a sweet husband!

We are still going to our childbrith classes - only 3 left. This week we finally talked about epidurals, to which I said, "Bring it." I have no need whatsoever to prove anything to myself or anyone else that I can give birth with no pain meds. Hopefully things go according to plan and I get to have my epidural. If not, we may have issues. The only time I've been a tough girl was when I played softball. I could take a hit and just keep right on going. I think I've lost my competitive edge and would just rather not deal with pain that can be avoided. But the best thing about childbirth class this week was that I won a spa day! This includes a massage, facial, manicure, pedicure, shampoo, cut and style. Wow! I never win things. I'm so excited to have a day of pampering even though I have no idea when I'll be able to schedule it. Oh well, I guess it gives me something to look forward to.

So, like I said, crazy week! This has also been a week of reality checks. I will be 34 weeks tomorrow. This means it's just 3 weeks until I'm technically full-term. Scary! Hopefully it will still be six weeks until I actually have a baby. Nonetheless, soon it will be go time. We still have so many things to pack just to prepare to go to the hospital. Lots of shopping to do to round up all the things we will need to make the hospital as calm as possible. I'm a little overwhelmed with my to do list, but hopefully this weekend will be productive.

On that note, I need to be done here and get something done.  Who wants to bet I just go to bed?

Safe bet!

Week of Babies

I went to the doctor today, so naturally, it's time for a blog update. Little Man's heart rate was 147 - low for him, but still normal. He is starting to run out of room in there and I swear he thinks the exit point is my belly button! Let's hope he doesn't make an exit from my abdomen (really hoping to avoid a c-section). Not sure if it's just being pregnant or if Baby Boy has moved to a weird spot, but over the past week I've started having sciatic nerve pain. It feels like the nerve is rubbing on my tail bone-OUCH! On a good note, weight did not continue to skyrocket. Only gained 1.5 pounds this month. I'll go back in 2 weeks and they will start checking for cervical changes. It's getting really close - only 49 days until my due date!

"Close" has come and gone for 3 of my preggy friends in the last 7 days. Jessica (from work) had a beautiful baby boy, Brooks, on Friday. Sarona (my cousin) had a precious angel, Penelope, early Monday morning. And Nikki (from church) gave birth to sweet little Emily on Wednesday. So needless to say, it's been an eventful week. It fun getting to see the joy these little people bring to their families, whether they are the first or the fourth. They were all welcomed to this world with so much love! Can't wait to see them grow.

This week I was asked by another pregnant friend for advice on car seat shopping. It hit me that 3 of the women I've looked to to see what pregnancy is like aren't pregnant anymore. I realized that I am becoming one of the women others ask for advice and support. It's really strange that this whole experience is coming to a a very rapid close. I'm starting realize that I will have to let this child out into the world at some point and that is okay. Because I have so many wonderful examples to look to for guidance.  There are so many amazing women in my life who are also incredible mothers. They are raising their children to be generous, gracious and God-fearing. All things I want my son to be.

Fat Saturday

The last holiday weekend is coming to a close and though I'm excited about the year to come, I'm a little sad it's over. My family has been at our house much of the weekend to celebrate Christmas, New Year's Ever and what my sister calls, "Fat Saturday." It's the last Saturday of the holiday season before you start back eating healthy (or at least back to not over indulging on a daily basis) on Monday. Boy, did we celebrate! My ankles let me know that I ate too much salt and stood around in the kitchen too long - they disappeared. My feet and calves merged to form puffy stumps. I had been wearing my Ugg-ish house shoes all day, so I didn't see my feet until I took them off late in the evening.  For the first time in this pregnancy, my feet and ankles got really swollen. It looked really weird, but seems to have resolved today. Let's hope this was an isolated incident and not the beginning of a trend.

Tanner and my dad packed away all of our Christmas decorations and got them moved out to the garage. All over our neighborhood the Christmas lights are slowly coming down.  Everything loses it's sparkle as soon as we get to January. No more lights, no more gifts, no more Christmas cheer. January is like the Monday of all Mondays. You have a great weekend - you get to relax, see family and friends and get a few things done around the house. And then.....Monday! This is how January feels. Everyone goes back to being their cranky, impatient selves.  I wish we could hold on to the people of December a little while longer. Everyone is happy and pleasant. I guess all I can do is try to hold on to my December attitude and maybe it will be contagious!

My mom and I (who are we kidding - it was all my mom) did lots of sewing this weekend. The bed skirt for nursery is done and the crib bumpers just need a little more work. I had a few random scraps of fabric and decided to put them to good use. I made a scarf for Scruffy Bear and a tie for Ricky (the moose). Not that the stuffed animal accesories were necessities, but they sure look cute. I still need to make a pillow for the chair and curtains. We are still waiting on the curtain fabric to come in the mail, so they may not be done for a while. However, this weekend's efforts have brought us MUCH closer to having the nursery finished. Pics coming soon! What a blog cliff-hanger!!!

Last thing - We had our 3D ultrasound on Friday. It was so amazing! Our little guy had both feet and both hands covering his face the majority of the time. But he did give us a few little peaks at his face. I know all parents think their kid is the most beautiful child to ever live. I'm starting to see why - my kid is georgeous! He has a precious little nose and these unbelievably beautiful lips. We even saw a hint of chubby cheeks. Part of me wishes that he would have moved his feet so we could have seen him a little better. But part of me respects that he stuck to his guns! My child is not easily swayed. I hope he is stubborn about the really important things and won't fold under pressure. I also hope that he doesn't just have a foot growing out of his face!  Here's a preview of the little man (which we confirmed during the ultrasound - whew). That's his hand near his mouth and his foot covering his right eye. Isn't he precious!