And Now It's Time For.......

.........Fun Phrases with Cooper!

Cooper's vocabulary is growing everyday. It's incredible (and scary) how he can already repeat so many of the things we say. I may need to take a second look at my vocabulary. In general, it's pretty tame. Although there is the rare, occasional, all too frequent utterance of "fart" or "crap". Yup, gonna have to work on that! Here's a few of his new developments.

1.  I've mentioned before that Cooper knows what a monster says. Now he knows what a train says - Coo Coo. The "ch" sound is one he hasn't quite mastered yet. He has no idea what a dog, cat or cow says.....but monster and train......that he knows!

2.  His new favorite word is Elmo. He has one Elmo DVD and has watched a few YouTube videos.  He loves  this YouTube video. After watching this, he started saying "abc." So CUTE!

3.  Cooper loves to sing. Anytime we listen to music or sing a simple song, he loves to repeat the sounds. If there is an "Oh, oh, oh" or "Ooooooo" he loves to sing it back to you.

4. This one might be more sad than cute. When I walked in this evening with Little Caesar's for dinner, he pointed at the box and said, "Pizza!" Mom fail.

5. He is working hard at mastering please and thank you. Babies with manners are even cuter than regular babies.

6. Daddy worked very hard to get him to say, "Love you" for Mother's Day. Didn't quite get there, but it was cute watch Daddy try.

7. After watching a few minutes of a DVR'd episode of Sesame Street about bubbles, he pointed to the TV and said bubbles, plain as day!

8. Cooper is observant like his daddy. When we are outside (which we are a lot - the boy LOVES to be outside) he points out and names the birds.

9. Go, up, down......the boy is always on the move!

10. Night, night. Love that one, especially when it comes with a slobbery kiss!