Sick with a capital ICK!

It's been rough around here the last few days. Cooper got tubes (I'm resisting the urge to say his first set of tubes - maybe one will do it) on Wednesday. He did great! He left happily with the anesthesiologist and went back for his surgery. When he was coming out of sedation he was a bear, but they had warned us that this was normal.  The doctor sucked A LOT of fluid out of Cooper's ears.  Hopefully this will help with his hearing.  They did an ABR (auditory brainstem response) test while he was sedated. It did show some hearing loss. He hears higher pitches just fine, but couldn't hear the lower pitches well at all. The audiologist said she couldn't tell if the hearing loss was due to residual fluid or if he has neural hearing loss. We will be going back for more hearing tests on Wednesday - praying for good news.

Thursday night, Cooper had his first art show. His daycare had an open house/art show to raise money for some new equipment they are wanting to get. We had a lot of fun until.......I started feeling a little funny. I though maybe it was just because I was hungry so I went and got some refreshments. Didn't help, so we decided to go home. When we got home, I tried to do our normal routine - bath, boob, bed - but it just wasn't happening. I felt terrible and had no strength. I flopped down on the couch and Tanner (aka Superman) took over.

Not long after Cooper went to bed, the carnage started. I proceeded to throw up everything I had eaten since breakfast. Not pretty! I was sick again several times through the night. Friday morning, I was determined to suck it up and go to work.  Tanner got Coop around and took him to daycare while I got in the shower. This just proved that work wasn't going to happen. I could barely lift my arms to wash my hair. I surrendered and called in sick.

Tanner went to work, but by 10:30 that morning he was home in bed with me - sick too! I started to have a tiny freak out (tiny was all I had the energy for).  Who would pick up Cooper from daycare?  How on earth were we going to take care of him - we couldn't even take care of ourselves! How were we going to keep him from getting sick? Tanner was supposed to drum at church on Sunday! We were supposed to have the 2's class at church! Thank you Jesus - I'm not on call!  AAAACCCCKKKK!!!!!

So I did what any first time mom would do - I called my mom. She almost immediately said, "We'll go get Cooper and bring him home to our house." I was planning on asking if she and my dad would come stay with us, but then they would be exposed to this junk. Probably best that they just take him home with them. This was only the second night he had spent away from us, and the first without us at somebody else's house. I was missing him before he was even gone, but I knew this was the best plan. Although, thinking back, I think Cooper has already had this crud. He threw up twice on Tuesday - once at daycare and once in his crib all over himself and his bedding :(.  His diapers have also been a little off, but I thought this was possibly due to teething. With as snotty and congested as he's been, I thought maybe all the mucus was making him sick to his stomach. Who knows.  He's been typical, sweet, happy Cooper through it all.

After talking to my mom this morning, I feel much better physically and emotionally. Cooper slept through the night and is having fun playing with his Papa. I am back among the living. Tanner on the other hand - he's more like a zombie (undead, not quite alive). Hopefully he'll be feeling much better after a long Saturday of rest and football.

Once again - thanks Mom and Dad! You guys rock!

Where were we.....

It seems like it's been forever since I posted. This may end up just being a random list of cool stuff about my cool kid. After 8 months we've hit a big milestone.

Cooper got his first tooth this week. Bottom right, adorable little pearl. I've been giving his gums a quick once over every night for about a week. He hadn't been particularly fussy; I just had a feeling something was coming. Thursday when Tanner picked him up from daycare they said that he had a little something showing up. By Thursday night, he was hurting.  He would try to nurse and just stop and cry out.  After Motrin, Orajel and lots of massage with a nubby washcloth, he was finally able to go to sleep.  The next morning, that baby popped through his gums.

I was so torn between excitement and sadness. Yay! He got his first tooth! Boo! No more precious gummy grin. He's growing up too fast! I wish I could pause this moment and savor for a while. He is just at such a fun age.  He is so sweet and funny! He also bit his own finger for the first time today. He was not happy about it. Hopefully this is a lesson he learns quickly: NO biting!

He is crawling everywhere! Cooper is so active that they moved him to the toddler class at church. When I went to check him in last week, they asked if he could move up. I said sure, but it caught me off guard and I got all emotional. I didn't cry, but I was on the verge.  He went with the toddlers and had a blast. Today at church we found him devouring Cheerios - take that baby class!  He's becoming more adventurous. He likes to climb and fall. Most times when he falls he stops, looks for mommy, and then grins. Crazy kid!

He is also pulling up to anything taller than him. It's so funny to see him standing up because he's still so tiny. I'll have to post some pictures next time. What else...........

He has failed multiple hearing tests. Since Cooper was a NICU baby, a follow up hearing test is recommended at six months - failed. The audiologist thought it was due to sinus congestion. We gave him Claritin for six weeks and retested - failed. Went to see an Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist. Repeated hearing test - failed. Apparently he has lots of fluid in his ears. This seems to have been the problem all along. They recommended getting tubes.  Wednesday we will be going in for the procedure. I think I'm taking it harder than anyone. They will be giving him some laughing gas. I know this will make the whole process easier, but I don't like the idea of him being sedated.  I've heard nothing but good things about the doctor performing the surgery. Just praying for peace about the situation.

Hopefully soon I will be able to post that we finally passed a hearing test. Maybe soon he'll be saying more than Bababa and papapapa.  Bababa has several possible interpretations - Barbara (daycare director and Cooper lover), bottle, bath, ball, Bob. None of which really count as his first word. Papapa only come out as a whisper. It's the sweetest thing EVER!  Pretty soon (keeping my fingers crossed) he'll be saying Mama. For which he will receive a big high five - which he also learned to do this week!

In case you hadn't noticed, my kid is awesome!  See you next time!