Cate - 5 months

Our little (haha!) Cate Bug is 5 months old!  She is such a joy.  She is really beginning the interact with her environment, including her brother.  He is apparently the funniest thing on earth, closely followed by Mommy folding laundry.

Cate found her feet.  As soon as I take her diaper off to change her, she flings her legs up and grabs both feet.  Makes diaper changes challenging to say the least.  She also mastered rolling over in both directions.  Our days of putting her on the floor and finding her in the same spot are over.

he is starting to sit up.  She does amazingly well for her age.  I think it's because she has such a firm foundation - wink, wink!  Sitting up gives her a whole new perspective on her world.  I think she likes the view.

We also celebrated Cate's first Christmas this month.  Definitely worthy of its own post.  I "celebrated" NewYear's with strep and the flu.  Not worth its post - uuuuggggghhhhh....