Kid Funnies

I'm blogging tonight for the simple fact that my kids are wild, crazy, sweet, and hilarious.

Cate learned two new words this weekend: no and yes. Her "no" is always in the sweetest voice - high pitched without being too squeaky or piercing. It comes when asked if she wants almost any food in the house. She's going through a really weird food phase. This comes after her first antibiotic for her first ear infection, plus croup and teething. She also spent several hours in the ER last weekend after she fell out of a chair and we were afraid she had broken her arm. Thankfully she still in one piece. She got to watch tons of Elmo on YouTube while we were there so she now calls my phone "Mo". All that to say, I get it that she's not too keen on food right now and that's cool. She's not going to starve! 

While most parents hate hearing "no" from their toddler, it's Cate's "yes" that scares me. It is firm and forceful. When she says "yes" she means it. No ifs, and, or buts about it. The best example we got this weekend came when she was drawing with a pen. After multiple baths she's still got traces of pen marks on her legs from 3 days ago. Is anybody else thinking of a particular episode of Friends? When I noticed her attempting to write on her legs again I told her that we only draw on paper, not our legs. She looked at me, put the pen to her skin and said, "YES!" Excuse me?!?  If she survives childhood, this one's going to rule the world. 

Cooper is still wild and wonderful. Mostly wild. He went to the grocery store with me yesterday. We had found everything on our list except honey. I kept talking to him about how I didn't know where to find honey. He interjected and said, "You mean like the person?" I was a little taken aback. When asked what he meant he said, "You know. Like the dad. Cuz the mom calls the dad honey."

It took everything I had not to explode with laughter. The funniest part is that I don't think I ever call his dad honey. We're more "babe" kind of people. The way his little mind works is very intriguing. I hope he never loses his wild-eyed curiosity. But he could lose the attitude anytime. 😁