That's my boy!

This quick Cooper update is brought to you by Daddy. I ran a 5K this morning at a park so Daddy took Coop to the playground while I ran. He had the place to himself for quite awhile. Then a little girl and her mommy came to play. When the little girl climbed up on the jungle gym he was playing on, Coop shouted, "Oh no! A girl! I gotta get outta here!" 

That's my boy. 

Express Ranch and Big Ol' Horses

 Northwest of our sweet little hometown is a massive cattle ranch.  They have who knows how many head of Black Angus.  Over the past 10ish years they have also gotten into raising horses. They specialize in raising Clydesdales. Let me tell you - those are some incredible animals!  This is a working ranch, but they open the barn where the horses live to the public. You can park outside and walk through and meet these giants while the ranch hands go about their day.  

I felt a little like we had stepped into The Pioneer Woman's world.  It was a slice of life. And it was delicious!  We got to play with the dogs, pet the horses and even a zebra! Cooper was a little anxious about touching the horses at first. Honestly, so was I. Their nostrils alone are as big as my fist! But they were very gentle and mild-mannered.  We had such a great time! Thanks Express Ranch!
Sweet chocolate lab pup.
First glimpse of a Clydesdale.

Lovely barn cat.

Antique horse carriage

Cooper wanted to drive

Hi Prince!

Still a little nervous.

Coolio has one blue eye and one brown eye.
He's cool like that.

My brave boy petting Coolio.

Coop really took a liking to Hitch.

I think Hitch liked him. too.

Who has a zebra on a cattle ranch?!?!

This is the look I got when I told
Cooper he couldn't soft (his word
for pet)Hitch with his feet.

Meeting Vinny.

Vinny was Cooper's favorite.
He was very friendly.

Handsome boys!

Prince is one beautiful horse.

"We're all done."

"Big ol' feet!"

He just wanted to be like the horses.

This is the barn where the horses live.
Can I live here, too?