Cate - 3 Months

Our little Cate-bug is 3 months old!  She is becoming quite a ham.  She is very expressive (see exhibits A and B below).
Exhibit A
Exhibit B

A few weeks ago, I had noticed that Cate's reflux seemed to be worsening.  Her latch also seemed a little tight.  I started checking around in her mouth and found that her tongue tie had reattached.  After weeks of stretching exercises and a much improved nursing relationship, you can only imagine my disappointment.  I called Dr. Coleman and got an appointment.  After examining Cate's mouth for herself, she agreed that Cate tie had reattached and would benefit from a second revision.  She said sometimes they just grow back regardless of how diligent you are with the stretches.  

Dr. Coleman completed her second revision the same day and we began another recovery period.  Luckily, the second time around was much easier.  Aloe, Tylenol, momma milk and stretches.  This time around we'll be doing 6 weeks of stretches.  Oddly enough, because of increased scar tissue, each time a tongue reattaches and is revised the more likely it is to reattach.  Dr. Coleman rarely does a third revision, so this is pretty much our last shot.

Cate discovered her hands and feet recently.  She holds her pudgy little hands together and it's the sweetest thing ever.  She can't reach her feet yet.  She just stares at them.  I'm not sure that she realizes yet that they belong to her. 

We got Cooper and Cate all dressed up for their first Halloween together.  Click here for a post all about it.  And now, I'll just leave you with this...