Cooper's 2!

Dear Cooper,
It's officially your birthday! Mommy is up late tonight getting everything ready for the week. Your birthday is on a Monday this year (boooo!) which means it will be a long work day. Hoping I get off at a decent time so I can love on my two-year-old.
The past 2 years have raced by so quickly - I often feel like I'm missing it. I'm sitting in bed right now with the laptop, watching you on your monitor (you still like sleeping on your tummy with your tush in the air) and listening to you breath and suck your thumb. My dear boy - you have no idea how much you are loved! I want to spend every second kissing your squishy cheeks and hearing you talk about your favorite colors. I want to stop time and hold on to the little moments that I don't even realize are BIG moments until they are gone. You gave me a little extra time after bedtime prayers tonight to rock and snuggle before you said, "I wah git in my bed."  Thank you for that.
 I feel like I'm going to turn around and you will be a pimple-faced teenager.  You will be liking girls (Lord, please NNNNOOOOO!!!!!) and wanting so badly to be grown up. I pray that you will realize that life is not about girls, or cars, or sports or school. It's about our Heavenly Father and the amazing life he gives us through His Son, Jesus. It's about sharing the love of Jesus with people and forgiving as we've been forgiven. It's about family (the one we are born into and the one we make), and it's about friends who hold us up. Choose your friends wisely Little Man!
At this very moment, there are Cars stickers all over the back of the couch, birthday cards on the living room floor and a tshirt on the island that says "I AM 2" just waiting for you to wake up in the morning. And I can't imagine being any happier! You are my heart! I love you BIG TIME!
Happy Birthday Cooper-man! Mommy loves you so much - in a completely overbearing, unhealthy, no-woman-will-ever-be-good-enough-for-you kind of way.