Cate - 10 Months

Well, we are just barreling down the hill toward Miss Cate's first birthday!  I can't believe how fast it's gone!  She is learning something new everyday and getting more ornery by the minute.  She has figured out that I would actually like to see the chalkboard while taking these pictures, so of course she wants to pull it down or wipe off the words.  I finally resorted to bribing her with puffs just to get the few shots I got.

She is standing unassisted for a few seconds at a time.  Cate has become a little speed demon - whether crawling or cruising, it's always fast! I don't think it will be much longer and she will just take off walking.  It's fun to watch, but I'll admit I'm a little anxious.  Have I mentioned she's ornery?!?!

Cate is teething like crazy, but still only has two teeth.  The top four are ssssssooooooo close to coming through.  We are all ready for that.  She has been drooling, chewing, fussy (for her) and not sleeping too well.  I've ordered an amber teething necklace; we'll see if it's the miracle everyone says it is.

Cate loves reading books, bubbles, talking, and dancing.  She can now say mama, dada, bird, and cat.   She has also mastered waving bye-bye although she isn't saying it quite yet.  Watching her dance is one of my favorite things in the world!  Any sound that has any sort of rhythm gets her moving and grooving.  From songs on the radio, to her brother playing, to my breast pump - she'll dance to any beat she hears. Cate enjoys knocking down block towers; I never realized how hilarious that activity could be.  Apparently it's also pretty darn amusing to put things into baskets and take them out again.  She's honing that skill every chance she gets. 

And just in case you were wondering, she still thinks Cooper is the funniest thing ever.  I will never tire of watching her laugh at his crazy antics.  Sometimes he just looks at her and she cracks up - adorbs! 

Check out her baby Chucks.
They one of only about 3 pairs of
shoes that fit her chubby feet. 
Cate experienced her first real injury this month.  Her cruising skills, along with her ever-growing reach, has allowed her access to things she never knew existed.  Like everything that has ever been on the top of a table.  And she's....curious.  And....determined.  Her Papa was sitting down with a cup of coffee to read Cooper a book before school and she reached up and pulled the hot coffee down onto her arm and trunk.  She got 2nd degree burns with several blisters on her side and inner arm.  It looked awful!  Nana called me at work to let me know what had happened and later sent me a picture.  By the end of the day, Cate had already popped the blisters on her side when she was wrestling with her brother.  While I know it had to hurt, the fact that it didn't slow her down at all let me know she was fine.  Still, not fun to see your baby in pain.  She will probably have a couple of small scars.  They may be her first, but I'm certain they won't be her last.  Told you she's ornery!