Pulmicort, Augmentin, and Dimetapp, OH MY!!!

Cooper went to the doctor today. After several days of green snot and a worsening cough, he woke up this morning with his left eye draining green goo of its own. He has an ear infection, allergies are awful and he was wheezing even after an albuterol breathing treatment. So we started on Augmentin, Dimetapp and Pulmicort.  The Pulmicort has turned my sweet little boy into a crazy wild animal. So I am blogging tonight to remind myself of reasons why I shouldn't just turn him loose in the backyard.

1. He is walking everywhere at ever-increasing rates of speed. CUTE!

2. He is saying so many new words! Truck, raisin, eat - he is already starting to repeat us. YIKES! He sometimes repeats us in a whisper like Brick on The Middle. Teeheehee!

3. When you ask, "Cooper, where's your nose?" he points to his nose (or sticks his finger IN his nose) and says "Nose."

4. He sticks his tongue out when he's concentrating. Just like his daddy.

5. He has learned to wink. Ok, not really, but when you wink at him he closes both eyes REALLY tightly! It's awesome! Hopefully I'll get a picture of that to share soon.

6. He's utterly adorable, just like his daddy. Daddy is patiently trying to convince Cooper that sleep is not in fact pure evil. Bless that man!

7. His chubby cheeks - they are the best! I love the way the squish when I kiss 'em!

8. We have been praticing the names of kids in his class at school. Of course the girls' names he got immediately. We're still working on the boys.

9. Cooper loves his dump trucks. He has several, most of which I have no idea where they came from. We find them all over the house, usually with something in the back ready for dumping.

10. I just love him. Even when he is crazy and wild and that temper is grating on my very. last. nerve. I love him. He is the most amazing thing, ever.

14 Months!!!

Cooper is 14 months old today! Can't believe how fast he's growing. Apparently making lists is the hottest thing in blogging. Click here or here for evidence.  I'm not lazy, just.....trendy. So here goes!

1. Cooper is walking! Still prefers to crawl because it is much faster, but he can do it. Yeah!!!

2. He is a genius. Tonight we had to run a few errands. We got home from Target and sat down in the living room. Cooper looked at his daddy and signed "bath". He knew it was time even with all the craziness of the evening. Genius!

3. He also loves lining up his bath buddies.......and then pushing them over the edge.

4. He is so funny. Last night he wore new monster PJs (he recognized immediately that they were different and had to look them over carefully). He starting pointing at the monsters on his pants and saying, "Rawr." How funny is he? So he doesn't know what a dog says, but monsters he good with. Haha!

5.Cooper now has 6 teeth. He has been a pretty easy teether - fingers crossed, knock on wood, pray to Jesus that continues. He is still getting used to all the chompers in his mouth which causes him to make super cute faces!

6. He has learned how to say "light" and enjoys pointing them out everywhere we go.

7. He LOVES playing outside. He cried and cried yesterday while we were trying to get him to eat dinner because he wanted to go "ah id."

8. Tanner has a basketball that he keeps on a shelf in the garage when not in use. Every morning when we are getting loaded up to go to school. He MUST see the ball. He will lean as far as small-humanly possible to see around me so he can get a glimpse of the ball.

9. Cooper is developing quite a temper. I would love to blame this on his daddy, but if you know us at all, you know Tanner is one of the most even-tempered people on Earth.

10. The boy loves bananas. Seriously - he would eat six a day.

11. He got stacking cups for Christmas and has played with them almost everyday since. We know it's time for bed when he starts getting angry and throwing the cups over his head because the orange one just...will...not fit inside the purple one. Told you he has a temper.

12.  He loves his blue blankets and his puppy. They are soft, silky lovies. His eyes light up and his thumb instantly goes in his mouth when he sees one of them.
13.  He thinks his Cooper Bear is pretty fun.  It's the bear that goes with the book about a cute little bear who goes on all sorts of adventures. When you say certain lines of the story, Cooper Bear pipes in with little something. My favorite is when you say, "Coooper, I love you," Cooper Bear says, "I love you, too."
14. Cooper loves his mommy! And I love him more than I ever knew I could love anyone.