Movie date!

We went to see Monsters University last night. Great movie. Great time!

Cooper's Monsters University student ID. 

Check out the movie stars. 

That's one scary lineup! 

New definition of love

I've been reading a book called Grace-based Parenting. It's FANTASTIC! I was reading today about how kids need to feel genuinely loved by us, their parents. The author, Tim Kimmel, defines love this way: love is the commitment of my will to your needs and best interests, regardless of the cost. He goes on to say, "It is not in our children's best interest to give them everything they want, to make life easy for them, to side with them when they are clearly wrong, or to circumvent the consequences for their sins. It is not in their best interests to facilitate false fears holding them hostage, to fight their battles, or to rescue them from all their wrong choices." WHOA! 

Take a that again. This time, let it really sink in. I'll wait.....

My heart broke for my son! I saw a flash of his future - pain, fear, sin. Things I can't and shouldn't save him from. I know there will be times in his  future when he makes bad decisions. I will see it coming. And I will have to watch it happen. 
I pray God gives him wisdom to make good decisions. But my son isn't perfect. I have a bump on my head (from a thrown fire truck) and a bruise on my arm (from vicious little teeth) to prove it! I pray hard for God to protect my son. But this world, Satan, is out get him. 

I will love him in a way that gives him the security of knowing that when he makes mistakes, I'll be there.