6 months!

I can't believe Cooper has been "on the outside" for 6 months. It seems like forever ago that we were sitting in the NICU.  At the same time, it seems like yesterday.  Cooper went to see his pediatrician for his 6 month well baby checkup today. He weighed in at 15 lbs 10 oz, and was 25.5 inches long. This puts him in the 25th percentile for height and weight. I was shocked! He seems so big to me, but apparently he's actually kind of dainty.  He also got two shots. Of course he cried, but only for a minute and then he was done. What a big boy!

Cooper has been working on learning how to crawl. He can get up on his hands and knees; he rocks back and forth, but hasn't really crawled yet. Once he learns, we are going to be in a world of trouble. Tanner started baby proofing, but I'm sure Coop will get into things we never even thought he could reach. Just one more way that he is becoming more independent.

On a really fun note: Cooper is ticklish. It is adorable. I can walk my fingers up his tummy and he giggles like crazy. I'm making a mental note of this to use against him when he's 12.

Tanner and I celebrated our 9th anniversary on the 10th. It was this time last year that we announced we were having a baby. I can't believe how much things have changed. It's hectic sometimes, but I love it. Tanner and I will be spending our first night away from Cooper this weekend. Our first dinner away from Coop for that matter. We are planning to do some shopping, go to the art museum and eat a nice dinner. We have a room booked at the Skirvin. We've always wanted to stay there, but never really had a good reason. I think it's going to be a chance for Tanner and I to reconnect. Our relationship has changed since the little man came along. It's sometimes tough to balance all the different roles we now play. I'm ready to get to just be a wife - although I know the mom in me will have a hard time leaving. Anxious, excited........ready.


For the last two nights, Cooper has not needed me to go to bed at night. Usually we do our usually routine in the evenings: Bath, Nurse, Bed.  This has been the routine for months now. Last night, he was very fussy and I kept trying to get him to eat, but he wouldn't. I finally resorted to holding him and bouncing while he sucked his thumb. Before I knew it, he was asleep. I put him in his crib and didn't see him again until 6:30 this morning. Tonight I had to run to Target to get diapers and by the time I got home he was in bed. Props to Tanner for his awesome daddy skills, but......booooo.

I know this probably sounds very self-involved, but it makes me a little sad. He's 36 hours from being 6 months old and I feel like he doesn't need me anymore!  I feel like he is growing up and moving on. By the way, he can get up on his hands and knees and rock back and forth now.  It's adorable, but it just another reminder of how fast things are changing. Pretty soon he'll be running around and jumping off the furniture and driving us crazy. I'm torn between wanting to hit the pause button and wanting to fast forward. Neither is possible, so I guess I'll just try to enjoy where we  care now.

Cooper is also doing his very best to get a few teeth. Still nothing yet, except a cranky boy and a  sore momma. Hoping things improve quickly and drastically or we're all going to lose it.

Sorry - there is no real point to this post. Just wanted to share my neediness with the world.


Just a few fun things we've been up to that I wanted to make sure and remember. Not really much of a narrative just fun little......tidbits.

1. One of the little girls at daycare calls Cooper, "Eyelashes."  How sweet is that?!?  He does have amazingly beautiful, thick, dark eyelashes. He gets those from his daddy. I love that he has them, but I'm not sure how I feel that the girls are already noticing.

2. Apparently my blog is reaching more readers than I ever thought. A family that is moving to Oklahoma from Texas called the daycare about getting a spot for their child. They had read my blog about how great PCCC-CDC is and wanted to reserve a place for their child. How funny! I guess that just proves that we have more influence than we realize.

3. Cooper is sssssttttttiiiiiiilllllllllllllllll teething! He has been drooling and chewing for months now. Nothing. No swollen gums, no teeth, no nothing! Thankfully, he hasn't been cranky. He's actually a very happy kid. I just kept thinking he would get teeth early. He's been drooling like a faucet since he was 3 months old. Maybe this is just another lesson in patience.

4. Cooper is a weirdo! This is one we've known for quite a while. Full-term baby stuck in the NICU. Newborn who nevers sleeps. Still takes only 30 minute naps. Happy as could be with only a 30 minute nap. Here's the sad one - he's one of only 2 kids at his daycare with a mommy AND a daddy. Doesn't that make you want to cry?!?  One of the kids has a daddy in Iraq, many are children of single moms. Several are in foster care.  Just another piece of evidence proving that the American family is falling apart. What a tragedy! I never thought my kid would be a minority because he has two parents who live in the same house.  More than ever, I want to stay married to my husband. Not just for me, but for Cooper. I want to prove to him that with Jesus as the center of our family, we will stay together. I want his friends to see that a mommy and daddy can be happy.  Parenthood may not be constant bliss, but I NEVER want my child to be scared that we will just decide that we don't love each other anymore.  Tanner and I choose everyday to keep working. Working to be better spouses, parents, people.  Hopefully, Cooper will one day see that.

That's all for now!