First Family Vacation

This weekend the Corbin family headed down I-35 to the Big D. Well, not technically Dallas, but Grapevine. Tanner had some training scheduled for Saturday morning so we both took off on Friday to try to beat the OU-Texas traffic. And we did for the most part aside from a wreck just north of Grapevine. This was Cooper's longest roadtrip to date and he did GREAT!

We stayed at the Hilton next door to the Grapevine Mall. This way we could just walk back and forth from the hotel to the mall. It was a really nice hotel - highly recommend it. All three of us sleeping in the same room was a little interesting. They had a pack-and-play in the room for us. Cooper stayed up a little late and Tanner and I went to bed a little early. Worked out okay, but I must say, I was pretty nervous about it.

Doing a little research on the sights of Grapevine with Daddy.
Jumping on the bed!
The main attraction for us was the aquarium inside the mall. Cooper had never seen live fish that I know of, but he's been watching Finding Nemo a lot lately. He absolutely loved it!!! Everytime he saw a clown fish his eyes would light up - "NEMO!!!"  They had music playing all throughout the rooms and he would stop to dance now and then. At one point we even caught him raising up his shirt so he could put his bare belly on the glass. Not sure what that was about, but it was hilarious!

This is where he bellied up to the tank!

Daddy helping Coop gently pet the starfish.

They survived!

He was worn out from all the excitement.

All in all - great trip! Especially considering that he was teething and on antibiotics for upper respiratory/ear infection. At first, he was put on Zithromax. He broke out in adorable little hives after the first dose. We promptly changed antibiotics and can officially add that allergy to his profile at the pharmacy.

Check out the awesome hives on my face!

 Next up - Halloween! See you in a couple weeks!

These are a few of Coop's favorite things

Moke. Juice. Candy. Chocolate. Mater. Lightning. Nemo. Tebow. Mommy, Daddy, Cooper. 1, 2, 1, 2. Bitsy, bitsy spider. Play date. Play dough. No, No, NO. Real gone = Big car. Teeth. Lello. Ok. Come on. Dirt. Rock. 

By the way - he tripped over a slide at school and bonked his head on the corner of a wall. Good bruise, substantial goose egg, little cut = no biggie.