Genius? Why, YES, he is!!!

In case you were wondering (and I'm SURE that you were), my kid is a genius! So this is a complete and total brag post. Mainly for the benefit of his momma's memory, I'm now going to list the the things he knows and fun things he's doing. Deal with it!

He knows tons of colors - yellow, red, green, blue, black, white, purple, pink, orange, brown......
We are working on shapes. He knows circle, diamond, star, octagon, triangle.
He can count to ten...more or less. When we start at one it always turns in to  "1, 2, 3, GO!" If we start at four he can get to ten.

We have started working with Cooper on potty training. We are just trying to help him learn to understand what is going on and at least be aware of what his body is trying to tell him. Baby steps for sure, but I feel like we are making progress. Today he was sitting on the potty after him nap and when he started going he told me "I did it!"  

His new favorite TV show is Jake and the Neveland Pirates. It's a pretty cute show so Mommy and Daddy don't mind. It's a nice break from Elmo. He still like Cars and Mickey Mouse quite a bit. It's nice to have more options in the rotation.

Cooper's latest obsession - Play-doh. The kid wants to play with it 24/7.  He loves to "make hands" which means we flatten out the play-doh and he makes his handprints. He loves for us to make shapes or animals. Tanner is a much sculptor than I am, but i can make a pretty mean snowman. The first time Tanner squeezed a big play-doh blob in his hand and it smooshed out each side of his hand and between his fingers Cooper looked at it and said, "Dinosaur!!!" It was hilarious and precious. We will make cinnamon rolls, donuts and hamburgers and he will pretend to eat them. From what I hear this is pretty early for him to be pretending and using his imagination. He's a pretty creative kid already and I love that about him.

I've been around kids my entire life, but I guess I never really paid that much attention to when they did what. Cooper is talking up a storm and for some reason I just wasn't prepared for it.  But I absolutely LOVE it! His new word this weekend is "boink." He will bop himself in the head with a toy or toss a ball and say "Boink!" Where did that come from?!?! He's also been saying, "Daddy, watch this" a lot. Is that not the sweetest thing you've ever heard? Other cute Cooper-isms include: 
  • This one
  • Cooper do it
  • There it is. Right there!
  • Daddy silly
  • e-po (his word for pillow?????)
  • BIG _______ (could be anything but the way he tucks his chin and says it in a deep voice - I die!)
  • Thank-um (I think he's trying to to kill the thank you and your welcome birds with one stone)
  • I pirate
This little person brings so much joy into our lives. Can't wait for whatever is next.