Mustard, Relish, Catch-up!

Our second prenatal appointment was this past Thursday, August 26th.  I've already gained 3 pounds! I know growing a baby means growing period. But I must admit, that hurt a little! Other than that things went well. They were unable to hear the baby's heartbeat with the doppler, which freaked me out at first. It turned out to be great because we got to have another ultrasound! It was amazing to see the baby moving all around. He/she was so active! Arms and legs going the whole time! It was incredible!

I think I'll take this opportunity to answer a few frequently asked questions and get everyone caught up:

When are you due/how far along are you?

My official due date is March 10, 2011. Which puts me at the twelve week mark.

Have you been sick?

Well, the short answer is yes, but not terribly. We saw two lines on a Monday and by Friday my face had made friends with the toilet. The following day I got sick in Wal-Mart (in a Target sack - how ironic). Sunday I couldn't keep anything down. At this point we were not ready to tell anyone, but I almost spilled the beans to my sister, Terra. We were supposed to meet her at a concert and I had to call and say we couldn't make it. Of course she asked why and when I told her I was sick, she didn't pry. If she had asked any questions I would have blabbed!  Thankfully that was the worst day I've had.  Sick days have been fewer and further between as we go - thank you Zofran!

How have you been feeling?

In a word - tired. There have been many nights of falling asleep on the couch. I've been told this gets better in the 2nd trimester. I'm anxiously waiting the days of more energy so I can work out!

How did you tell your family?

Just to preface this section - Tanner did a lot of online research coming up with super-creative ways to tell everyone.

For Tanner's family we went with a subtle approach. I'm always asked to bring sugar cookies to family dinners.  Tanner thought it would be fun to make sugar cookies and decorate them in pink and blue. Tanner's parents were at his sister's house so we decided to hit everyone together. We went over to Tanner's sister, Lindsay's house - cookies in tow - and just sat the cookies down on the table. Everyone started eating cookies and just kept talking about whatever it was they were talking about. After 5 minutes or so, Tanner's sister looked at the plate and said, "Pink and blue - hope you guys weren't trying to tell us anything." We both just looked at her and smiled.  She literally freaked out! She tackled me on the couch and gave me a huge hug while jumping up and down like a lunatic. I could not stop laughing!  The rest of the family was equally excited, though none expressed it quite like Lindsay!

My Langdon grandparents make a trip to Oklahoma every year in August. We had all made plans for the Langdon clan to meet in Marlow the Sunday they were in town so we could all go to church and spend the afternoon together. We thought this would be the perfect opportunity to tell as many people as possible at once.  After church, we told everyone that we wanted to get a family picture while we were all together. Tanner was taking a few test shots and told everyone to say, "Cheese." On the next picture he said, "Ok, now everyone say, 'Tracy's pregnant!'"  Then he kept taking pictures to catch the reactions. It was awesome! I'll post the pics whenever I figure out how.

Have you had any weird cravings?

I've had cravings lately for ketchup. Not by itself - preferably on Chick-fil-a waffle fries. No wonder I've gained weight!  I've also craved fresh peaches and pickles - not together. So I guess nothing weird, technically.  I do think it's odd that almost immediately after finding out I was pregnant I had an aversion to coffee which i LOVED before. It made it really easy to cut back on caffeine!

I guess if there are any other questions, let me know!

After much anticipation...

After eight years of marriage, Tanner and I are (finally) having a baby! A few friends have suggested I start a baby blog. I thought it would be a great way to document the pregnancy and fun to look back on during those sleepless nights. So....let's play catch for a few minutes.

How We Knew
I had suspected for several days that I might be pregnant. I'm not sure how to explain it - I just felt weird. Finally on July 12th, 2010, I bought a couple pregnancy tests on the way home from work. Tanner was at his oil painting class (how cultured is he!?!) so I decided to wait until he got home. I took the test and was thrilled to see two pink lines! I covered the part of the test that showed the results and showed it to Tanner. I asked, "How many lines do you see?" He said, "2." I then uncovered the entire test and asked him what two lines meant. He was shocked! He just kept saying, "No! Seriously!?! No!" He couldn't stop smiling! But he still wasn't willing to believe me. He woke me up first thing the next morning to take another test. Again - 2 pink lines.

First Doctor's Appointment - July 29, 2010
Not much to report, but we got to see the first images of our little one. It looks like a seahorse with a giant head. Not very endearing, but true. I'll try to post pics and maybe we can do a poll to see who agrees about little baby seahorse.

Getting sleepy - can't believe I've made it this late!
More - much more - to come!