Epicly Gross

You know how you have those moments when you think, "Being a mom is just gross!" Last week, I had an entire evening FULL of those moments.

It all started with the dishes. We had gotten lazy about loading the dishwasher so there was a sinkful. after dinner I decided to conquer them and started rinsing and scrubbing. And then......I saw it......the sippy cup. It was about half full of milk. You know when you see the cup laying on it's side, but the milk still appears as if the cup is upright it's not a good sign. I got the sink emptied of other dishes. Then I took a deep breath, stuck my nose in my armpit just in case I HAD to breathe, and twisted off the lid. I turned it over as quickly as possible and starting shaking the cup until.......PLOP! A huge chunk of what I'm sure would be a delicacy in France came sliding out. It was a block of cheese the size of my fist! I flung it down the drain and flipped on the garbage disposal! YUCK!

If this experience taught me nothing else - dump the milk! Hard concept since I spent so long trying to collect and save every last drop of breastmilk. Lesson learned!

Next we moved on to bathtime. Tan-man volunteered on this particular evening. While he had Little Man in the tub I decided to change the diaper genie bag. Note to self - this chore will require a gas mask for the future. I'm usually pretty good about making sure the stinky air doesn't poof up in my face when I'm tying a knot in the bag full of excrement. This day, I forgot and had to try my darndest to not vomit in my son's bedroom floor. GAG!

Where was I.........oh right! Bathtime - the thought of the genie fumes made me a little woozy. So hubs has the kiddo in the tub. He put a little baby shampoo in as the water was running so Coop got to have a bubble bath. He really like bubbles. I really like giving him a beard and a mohawk so he looks like James Harden. I digress.

So they're having all sorts of fun in the bathtub, I'm picking up the house a little, and I hear it. "Oh no!" coming from the bathroom. I rush in to make sure everything is okay. I'm shocked to See Tanner holding Cooper over the sink with little dingleberry and then I look at the tub. Veiled under a layer of bubbles is a GINORMOUS POO! It was one an adult man would be proud of! I don't know how it all fit inside my tiny little boy!

I immediately grab a wipey to grab the dingleberry (if you're not familiar with the term, it's a piece of poo that got left behind after a trip to the potty. Most often used in reference to our cat.). I then a  beeline for my cleaning cabinet to get rubber gloves. In hindsight I totally should have grabbed the kid. Gloves and bleach in hand, I proceed to fish the "treasures" out of the bathtub and plop them into the toilet. I then drain the tub and start with bleach - it's just my luck that every. bath. toy. we. own. was in use at the time. As I'm scrubbing, I discover EXACTLY where Coop was sitting when the crime occurred. Want to know how I knew? Skid mark!  GEE-ROSS!!!!!

Tanner got the Coop-man cleaned up and dressed. I bleached into near asphyxiation. I'm now paranoid of bubble baths. Told you being a mom is gross.

This update is brought to you by......

Can't believe it's been a month since I blogged. I've been mentally making a list of things to post, they just never seem to get typed up. Since this time last month.............

The OKC Thunder won the Western Conference Finals!!! They are now tied 1-1 in NBA Finals with the Miami Heat (bbbbooooooo!!!!!). This has lead to lots of fun new words for Cooper. He getting better at saying "basketball" - 3 syllables is a lot for a 16 month old. He says "yunder" - this means Thunder. He also looks out the window at the sky when he says it. Not 100% sure he know it's a basketball team and not just a loud noise when it rains. My favorite is "Ibaka" - this is one of our favorite Thunder bigs (Serge Ibaka). He's a shot blocking machine!  Hopefully by the end of the series, he'll have learned to say "Champions!"

Coop now knows what a cows and dogs say.  At Chick-fil-a he pointed at pictures of cows hanging on the wall and kept saying "Mooooo".  He was saying this very loudly and people kept looking at us. Note to self - work on inside voice.

Good thing the boy is still a little shorty, because he wants to climb. He tries to hike his little foot up on everything. At this point, all the fun climbing stuff is still juuuuust out of reach. Give it a few weeks and I'm afraid we'll be in trouble.

Cooper has mastered please and thank you - saying and signing. I was totally right about babies with manners - so adorable. He has pretty much stopped nursing, but when he's really tired and can't wind down on his own, he'll say "pease" and pat my chest. What's a girl to do?!?

Still loves Elmo! This is his current favorite. He sings "oooo ooo ooo" and turns his head back and forth - watch 2 seconds of the video and you'll see why this is so cute.

Hopefully I can get a few more posts typed up soon and share some pics of little man!

A New Decade

My dear, sweet, amazing husband turned 30 this year. He said over and over that he didn't want to make a big deal about it. Not because he was bummed about being 30, but because when I turn 30 next year he feels he must match or exceed the level of effort. He said that my gift to him should be not throwing a big party so that he wouldn't have to next year......... Nice try!

I tried to keep it minimal. We had just immediately family over for burgers and beans - our favorite summer meal. Thank goodness my mother-in-law taught her son to cook. She makes the best baked beans and she taught Tan-man her method. We let the kids run around and play in the water. We sang happy birthday and had brownie and  ice cream cupcakes. If I had done any less it wouldn't have been a party.

These were the SUPER YUMMY brownie and ice cream cupcakes! Check out the inspiration recipes here.

We had fun celebrating, but my favorite part of Tanner's birthday celebration was what we did in the days leading up to it. His birthday is on June 6th (which made for a fun deviled-themed party on 6-6-06 by the way) so I did something fun for him everyday from the 1st to the 6th. It was all small things - a treat with a fun note, doing a chore/errand for him before he asked, filling his truck with balloons. It took me only a few minute each day, but I think he really enjoyed it - all except the balloon-filled truck. He carried all the balloons in and threw them at me! Anyway, I really tried to make it fun and special for this 30th, but I think that might have to be a new tradition for us.

Happy Birthday Tanner - I love you!