20 Weeks

How far along?  20 weeks - Yep, we lost a week...again.  When we had our ultrasound with Cooper, they changed my due date by nearly a week.  Miss Priss's ultrasounds have always put her ahead of where the math (LMP) says she should be.  At first, I didn't want to give in and acknowledge that maybe the ultrasounds were right.  But instead of getting freaked out that she might end up in the NICU, I'm just going to let God handle it and tell myself she's advanced.  :)

Total weight gain: up 4 lb.
Baby is the size of:  A Dump Truck. About 6.5 inches, head to toe.
Maternity clothes? I wore maternity jeans to church on Sunday.  Partly because they are super comfortable and partly because we were teaching in Cooper's class.  This means lots of bending and stooping.  And let's be honest - nobody wants to see my butt crack.  That band that wraps around your neck on maternity jeans solves the problem.  However, I don't have quite enough of a bump to hold them up very well.  What's a girl to do?  Thankfully the belly band hasn't made me nearly as claustrophobic as it did with Coop.  
Stretch marks?  no new ones. :)
Sleep: Yep - lots.
Symptoms: DRY SKIN!!! My forehead, scalp, hands, everything is so dry.  Lots of lotion, coconut oil and water.  My hair has also been really dry.  If there was ever a time I could go "no-poo" it would be now.  I went 4 days without washing my hair and it still looked fine. 
Movement:  Yes!  I can feel movement from the outside now.  However, Baby Girl is hanging out very low.  It's a little...risque...for others to feel at this point.  But I feel like she is migrating north.  Hopefully Daddy and Coop will get to feel her move soon.  
Food Cravings: Nothing new.
Miss anything? I miss working out.  I know that sounds lame, but I just miss moving.  I found out last week that I have a low lying placenta.  Not a huge deal at this point and odds are, it will shift up and out of the way as Baby grows.  But at this point I'm on pelvic rest and no strenuous activity.  I don't think any workout I would ever do while pregnant would be considered strenuous.  But it just makes me a little nervous.  Maybe I'll suck it up and attempt some yoga or something this week.  We shall see...
We're half way there Baby Girl!

I thought this was a little ironic.  Made hot dogs for dinner because I was
feeling too lazy to make much else and Tanner was trying to finish up a
project outside. Checked my Baby Bump app for our weekly update.
Sorry Sweets!  Sometimes Mommy just needs a quick dinner.
It's technically a cheddarwurst...does that still count?


Pipsqueak is a...

Well...today has been bizarre.  Got up, took Coop to school, went to work, waited patiently as time stood still.  Who's idea was it to schedule our ultrasound for 4pm? Ok......I confess - it was me.  I thought it would be nice to just leave work early, go find out the gender, tell Cooper and call our families.  Turns out it just ended up being a day full of nerves. 

We checked in a few minutes before 4 and thankfully didn't wait long before they came to take us back.  There was a student (Kelsey) doing some training so she took a quick peak and took a few measurements.  Then we were joined by the radiology tech (Lauren) who finished up.  She asked pretty quickly if we wanted to find out the gender.  We've been waiting all day! Of course we want to find out! 

She checked to see what was up down there and...foot.  Baby was sitting on it's foot hiding the goods.  Lauren moved on to checking the baby's heart, kidneys, etc.  But she quickly came back to see if Baby was feeling a little less shy.  3 whites lines.  "It's looking like a girl.  I don't see any turtles down there."  Was she kidding?  Obviously we knew it was a possibility, but seriously?  I just started laughing hysterically; I laughed so hard she couldn't continue the exam for a minute because my belly kept bouncing up and down.  The laughter soon turned to joyful tears.  At one point I had my hand on my forehead and just kept shaking my head.  Was this really happening?

We wanted a fun way to give Cooper the news.  Lately he really loves flashlights and glow sticks.  Anything that makes the dark more fun.  So we wrapped up a pink glow stick as a special surprise for him.  Funny thing was, he wasn't surprised at all.  He's been telling us for months (even before I was pregnant) that he was going to have a baby sister.  I guess he knew what he was talking about!

Tanner and I just looked at each other every few minutes and laughed.  All along, we've both had a feeling, but now it was confirmed.  Right after I told him I was pregnant, those were some of the first words out of his mouth.  "It's SSSOOO going to be a girl!"  On the way to pick Cooper up from Aunt Tiffy's house, Tanner told me he thought he was calming down a little.  Me: until you wake up in the morning and remember you have a daughter.  Tanner: Aaaahhhh man!  I wasn't ready for the word daughter.  Haha!  He's a little freaked, but I know he'll be great.

Tanner said something today that he's never told me.  Funny how you can be married to someone for 11.5 years and they still say things that knock you off your feet. He said that he would've been completely happy with another boy, but that he had always wanted to see what my daughter would look like.  Was he trying to make me cry?!?  It was sweet to hear him really speak from the heart.  We're pretty big goobers most of the time, so there's not a lot of lovey dovey talk around our house, but when it happens...we make it count.

So...we're having a GIRL!  As nervous as I am about all that comes with a girl (bows, tutus, drama), I'm so excited!

It's The End of The World As We Know It.....And I Feel Fine

Maybe I'm being a little dramatic, but I feel like this is the last night of life as we know it.  Tomorrow we go for our ultrasound...the BIG one.  As long as Pipsqueak is cooperative we will be finding out if we are having a baby brother or a baby sister.  I am so excited I can hardly stand it! 
Lots of questions come along with telling people when you find out the gender of your child:
  • Do you have a feeling about what it is?  I have a suspicion it's a girl. 
  • So you're hoping for a girl, right?  Not necessarily. And why would you even assume that?
  • What do you want?  It's nice to honestly say, "I just want a healthy baby."
Since the moment I saw the word PREGNANT on that little stick, I've been going over different scenarios in my head.  If it's a boy, Coop would have a brother!  Wouldn't that be amazing?!?!  But if it's a girl.....well, then we would have a girl and once again be clueless.  I feel fairly confident in my Boy Mom skills.  I'm still working on taming the peep (Cooper peed on the wall behind the toilet today - SERIOUSLY?); until we get that mastered, we'll just keep lots of Clorox wipes handy. I have a blast playing trucks and super heroes and baseball.  I know boy; I like boy.
I will admit that I'm intrigued by the thought of a girl.  But in all honesty, the ruffles and sparkles and all.the.pink. just kind of stresses me out.  IF this kid is chick, there must be a limit to the glitter allowed in my house.  IF we are having a girl, we will NOT call her a princess.  IF I'm having a daughter.....I'm sure she will be absolutely lovely.  All we really want is a healthy little one.
Fingers crossed baby isn't feeling modest!

17 weeks

How far along?  17 weeks - I know, I know.  We've gotten off track.  I had planned on doing pics and updates every 2 weeks, but last week was no bueno.  Tanner was in bed sick for 4 days.  At first we thought flu, then strep....all those tests ended up negative.  So who knows what was growing on his tonsils.  It was enough to gross out the nurse, and if you've ever worked with nurses, you know that's saying something. 

Total weight gain: up 1 lb.
Baby is the size of:  Batman - although I hope he/she doesn't have a cape!  That would be awkward... About 5 inches, head to toe.
Maternity clothes? None yet.  Still in a bit of an in-between phase.  I'm sure they'll begin making an appearance soon. 
Stretch marks?  no new ones. :)
Sleep: Pretty well.  I'll enjoy that while I can.
Symptoms: Turns out the Braxton Hicks contractions may be a little more than that.  The past few days, I've had quite a few that have been pretty uncomfortable. By Thursday evening, I was having trouble walking in the grocery store.  I called the doctor's office Friday morning and she said they want me on bed rest through the weekend.  So far, bed rest is not as fun as one would imagine.  If it was my choice to be stuck in bed, waited on, and watching all the TV I can stand, I would be in heaven.  But when you're told to do it, it's not nearly as fun. 
Movement:  Yes!  I've been so busy between work, caring for Tanner, and chasing Cooper.  I honestly hadn't stopped to think about it, let alone try to feel any of those lovely little flutters.  But in the middle of the night last Saturday (15 weeks 6 days), as I lie awake on the couch - no way was I sleeping in bed with Mr. Germy! - I felt a little roll in my belly.  After a long day and in a moment of exhaustion, it brought a wide smile to my face.  Thanks Pipsqueak!  You already know how to make mommy smile.
Food Cravings: Grapefruit, sour anything.
Miss anything? I miss NOT feeling like I'm being punched in the cervix.  Baby is hanging out very low.  I can already feel baby moving from the outside, but he/she is so low, it would be verging on foreplay for Tanner to feel.  I think we'll give it a little time and maybe baby will move to a little more PG location.  
This morning at church, I finally let myself start to feel the weight of the contractions.  I think I've been trying to downplay everything in my head.  We were singing "The Stand" and kept repeating the lines: What can I say, what can I do, but offer this heart, oh God, completely to you.  In singing this, I, for the first time of what I'm sure will be many times, gave this baby to God.  After all, what else can I really do?  I broke down a bit and just sat there and cried.  I want to think I am strong; I can handle this, whatever it is.  But the truth is that I'm scared.  Scared of losing this precious little one, scared of being on bed rest for months, scared of having a preterm baby...scared.  But I know that I was never in control of any of this to begin with.  I know that God will give me whatever I need to get through whatever comes.  And I know that God knows and loves this child more than I ever will.  He has plans...hope...and a future.
"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord. Jeremiah 29:11