30 Weeks

How far along?  30 weeks

Total weight gain: up 14 lb.  I talked with my doctor this week about my weight gain.  She wasn't concerned at all.  So I'm going to quit trying eat so much junk in an effort to gain and go back to fruit....aaaaahhhh, fruit. Peaches and watermelon and strawberries and...  Sorry, I digress.

Baby is the size of:  Moosey - this little moose came all the way from Branson.  It's like a sock monkey with antlers.  Coop's grandparents brought it back on of their trips before he was born.  He's never really played with it, but wants it in his room.  I guess because that's where it's always been.  :)

Maternity clothes? Seriously! Is it inappropriate for me to just live in a maxi skirt for the next few months?  I don't know why maternity pants are such a struggle this time around, but I am grateful there are mainstream dresses that are roomy enough to accommodate the bump.
Stretch marks?  No new ones.  
Sleep: Same as last time.  Getting a little tougher to get comfortable, but still doing okay. 
Symptoms: I've actually been more nauseated in the last couple of weeks than I was in my first trimester. It's nice that I was sick then, but it's weird that I've felt sick now.  This sickness has, thankfully, never been productive.  But it has caused some appetite issues.  There are lots of days when I'm hungry, but nothing sounds good.  What's a girl to do.    
I've started noticing my sciatic nerve.  It doesn't hurt, but I am aware of it.  Tanner bought me an exercise ball to sit on and that helps a lot.  A tune up at the chiro is also in order.     
Movement:  It's pretty much a 24/7 gymnastics meet in my uterus right now.  Cate likes to stretch out, conveniently crushing Mommy's internal organs.  She pushes a foot out on my right side so far that you can almost count the toes.  She's a wild woman! 

Food Cravings:  Nothing in particular.  Every once in a while at work I smell fried chicken. I'm not usually much of a fried chicken eater, but I do start to drool a little when I  smell it. Miss anything? I miss running. I know, I'm sick and twisted.  I'm sure once I get the okay to workout again, this desire will miraculously vanish.  :)

We go for a follow up ultrasound to check the location of the placenta this week.  I'm praying for good news, but still trying to prepare my heart for if it hasn't moved.  I know I am not in control and will have to continue giving up more of what little control I'm desperately clinging to. Trying to see this as a little lesson if faith - I serve a big God who has a better plan.

Cooper wanted to show us how big his baby is.  Apparently it's the size of Ninja Turtle skateboard.  He still assures us that there is a baby boy in his tummy.  Not sure how this will all pan out when his baby is ready to come out...

28 Weeks

How far along?  28 weeks

Total weight gain: up 13 lb.  Lost 1/2 a pound in the last two weeks.  Practically sent the nutritionist at work into panic mode.  
Baby is the size of:  Captain America - can you tell we like super heroes around here?!?!

Maternity clothes? Yes, but not as much as I should. Still haven't done the shopping I mentioned in this section last time.  Scratch that - I have shopped, I just have not purchased. I can't stomach spending $45 on a pair of pants I may only wear for a few more weeks. So if you see me making some questionable fashion choices, keep the comments to yourself...or give me $45.
Stretch marks?  No new ones.  
Sleep: Sleeping pretty well. I have to add an extra pillow for back support to keep me comfortable but I really can't complain.
Symptoms: Starting to get a little waddle in my walk.  You will often find me vigorously swinging my arms as I walk down the hall at work.  Momentum is my find.    
Movement:  Yup. She is definitely letting me know what a strong girl she is.  I sit most evening just watching my belly bump and roll.  So fun! 

Food Cravings:  Snowcones...still.  I've only had one, but if I wasn't concerned about all the sugar and the ridiculous amount of chemicals required to make Sour Apple so green, I would eat one everyday.
Miss anything? I don't guess so...  I actually found bras in my size at Kohl's so we've got the girls hoisted back up where they should be.  It's a beautiful thing.

One Lucky Lady

I've been really struggling with time management lately.  Mostly it comes down to the fact that I need a clone (or two if we're just cranking them out).  Work is nuts, home is nuts, LIFE is nuts!  I say all this not to glorify the busyness, but to give you a little window into my world right now.  I really can't complain.  Life is good and all the things I truly need are always within reach.  It's just been a hectic season and seems like it will get worse before it gets better.

A big concern for me is how I will divide my time between two children.  How do I make them both feel loved, cared for, and important?  We have been so focused on preparing Coop that we haven't prepared ourselves for Cate.  I want her to have all the things he had (crazy, stressed out mommy excluded) when he was tiny.  I don't want her to feel like she got the short end of the stick.  I want her to have the beautiful nursery and clothes washed and hung in the closet and bassinet just waiting for a little swaddled bundle of sweetness.  I don't want the details to be forgotten!

But recently I realized something.  She gets a big brother!  She gets the pleasure of hearing all his crazy antics and bedtime stories and goodnight prayers while she is growing in Momma's tummy.   While I'm sure we will make plenty of mistakes with, probably many of the same ones we made with Coop, maybe we will do a little better the second time around.  Maybe we'll be a little more prepared, a little more realistic in our expectations, and a little more aware of just how quickly time passes.  Maybe we will cherish those 2 am snuggles instead of dreading every sound from the monitor. This time around, I know that I will miss that time together.  Now I know that every once in a while, when I wake up in the middle of the night and can't sleep, I want to sneak into my son's room just to watch him sleep.  I don't; but I want to.  She may not get all the same things her brother got, and maybe that's even better.

Another struggle has been anxiety.  This pregnancy has been a little more dramatic (contractions, low placenta, blah blah blah) than my first.  It took two and half years for me to let go of the near-constant low level of anxiety I felt about potentially having another child.  I struggled to really deal with Cooper's start on the outside and was dreading the thought of going through that again.  But last summer, I was blessed to be a part of a women's bible study.  It was through this quality time spent with godly women that I was able to give up those emotions to God.  That's all they were - emotions.  Because the true fact is that I have a healthy, happy child no matter what the first week of his life looked like.

However, once we found out we were pregnant again, little seeds of doubt starting trying to take root.  It's been a battle to keep them at bay and not let the fear of the unknown overwhelm me.  But God continually send reminders that He is in control.  One of those reminders came yesterday from a random stranger at McDonald's.  We eat lunch there almost every Sunday after church and then Coop plays in the playplace.  I know, not exactly health food, but it's what we do.  Well, I was refilling our drinks before we headed home and a woman approached me.  She asked if I had a moment.  She said, "I believe in divine intervention and I feel very strongly that God wants me to tell you that your baby is going to be okay."  Tears filled my eyes.  Isn't God good?!?!  Even though he tells us in his Word that he cares for us, will provide for us and knows our needs, he knows that we are human and sometimes need tangible reminders.  Thank you, random McDonald's lady, for being that reminder for me.

Maybe this time will be different.  And maybe it won't.  And maybe that's okay.  Because no matter what, Cate is one blessed little girl!