I've been struggling to find time to blog lately. Not because I don't have the time. But because any time the computer is on, Little Man feels he MUST watch Elmo - devilish little monster. If When we tell him no, he has a total meltdown. His temper is very well-developed and now he has the attitude and mean voice to go with. Sooo......he's also becoming very familiar with his timeout spot. While this is often extremely frustrating, we try to be firm and consistent. But sometimes I want to have a meltdown!

  • He is also doing lots of cute grown-up-toddler things, too. Cooper LOVES giving knuckles (fist bump). If he gives Mommy knucks, he has to go find Daddy and give him knucks. At least he tries to be fair. He also loves to "blow it up".
  • He's learning to eat with utensils. Doing pretty well in my opinion. However, this make dinner  last forever and it is MESSY! But, he's gotta learn sometime.
  • His vocabulary is exploding! He will repeat about anything you say. Since his cousin's birthday party is today, we've been working on "Happy birthday, Peyton".  He's great at happy. Birthday is a random collection of syllables (think Phoebe trying to teach Joey to speak french on Friends). He always shake his head and makes a funny face when he says Peyton. It's precious.
  • He's showing a few signs of potty-training readiness. Not sure when we'll start that process.
  • If he was any taller, he would be climbing everywhere. He pretty close to being able to get on the couch by himself. He's also dangerously close to being able to climb into the bathtub.
  • The previous item wouldn't make me so nervous if he hadn't also learned to open doors. We have lever handles and he's finally tall enough to grab them. From there, he simply has to pull down and he's in. Daddy can pretty much say goodbye to using the powder room if he wants any privacy. I use the master - 3 doors to conquer before I have a visitor. Go ahead, tell me I'm a genius!
Here's a little cuteness, and then I better go!