Easter Egg Hunt!

Cooper went to his very first Easter Egg Hunt today. We had lots of fun finding eggs and meeting the Easter Bunny and his friends.   We finally got pictures of him standing up by himself (woohoo)!  He loved putting his Easter eggs in his bag, but I think he liked taking them back out and throwing them on the ground even more!

Playing in the Dirt

Not much to report today. Cooper helped his daddy out in the yard today. 
He had lots of fun; he's such a BOY!  He only ate a little dirt. 

Breakfast and Weeds

Since the move to the Big Kid class at school, I've been feeding Cooper breakfast at home in the morning. While he chows down on oatmeal, yogurt, Cheerios, steak......ok maybe not steak, but about anything else within arms reach......we look out the window of the dining room.  From there, we can see into the backyard. Usually the dog is outside running around so we get to practice saying "dog".  He loves watching the trees blow in the wind and looking at the sky/clouds/rain. This past weekend, Tanner mowed our backyard in anticipation of having our yard sprayed for weeds. Since it has done pretty much nothing but rain since then, the weeds are going crazy again.

This morning, I couldn't help but notice that the weeds are growing like, well, weeds. But the grass is taking it's sweet time greening up and growing. It got me thinking about the my own personal growth. It's amazing how the bad habits in my life spring up and grow, with no attention or care whatsoever.  They can easily weave their way into every area of life choking out all the little sprouts around it. The good habits (few though they may be) have taken time, and tending. I have had to prune things from my list that were less important. While this may seem painful in the moment, I can see how cutting the unnecessary has left opportunity for the essential. 

What in your life needs to be pruned away in order to let light reach the shadowed soil below?  What amazing things does God want to grow in your life? What is being choked out by the weeds?

Hope you are enjoying all that spring has to offer!

Ready for a new list?

I warned you last time that this blog has just turned into a list of things Cooper is doing. Unfortunately, this post is no different.

1. Cooper moved from the nursery to the toddler class at school this week. Mommy was having a rough time with it at first. We didn't get off to great start. We get to daycare a few minutes before 9am. Well after breakfast is over. When he was in the nursery, they didn't really follow the meal schedule. They just fed babies when they were hungry. So we missed breakfast Monday since I wasn't aware that he would be changing classes. It also didn't help me take it any better to see how GINORMOUS the other kids in his class are. Cooper is slowly catching up in height, but is still pretty scrawny. The big kids seem to like him. On Monday when I dropped Cooper off, a little boy rushed up to us and said, "Hi Hopper!" It was super cute and pretty darn funny. Today one of the big kids made sure that he had a book during story time.  I think he'll do just fine with his big kid friends.

2. Little man finally got another tooth! Top left finally popped through.

3. Cooper had a slumber party at Nana and Papa's house. Tan-man and I desperately needed a date night so we took Cooper out to spend the weekend with my mom and dad. He had lots of fun playing with some of his cousins and hanging out with his grands. Tanner and I went out to eat and had planned on going to a movie. The movie plans were thwarted when we realized that someone <coughtracycough> had looked at the wrong theater online for movie times. So instead we rented a movie and hung out in the bonus room. Pretty great substitute for a movie theater and I get to control the thermostat.  All in all, we enjoyed our date, but missed our kiddo terribly!

4.  And just in case you were wondering, no, he's still not walking. But since he realized today that falling down can be really fun, he has started standing alone for a second or two and then flopping to floor and laughing hysterically. Yup, pretty sure this is not helping the learning to walk situation.

Hope you enjoyed the list. If not, give it a few weeks. I'm sure another one is coming soon!

Remember when......

Remember when this blog was a beautifully written piece of prose? Ya - me neither. But at one time it was at least a little more fun to read. Lately, it has basically become a list of things Cooper is doing at the moment. And this post is unfortunately no different. There is no inspirational message our deep philosophy. Just a busy mom, trying her darnedest to remember these precious little moments that are gone before you even realize they are happening. In an effort to keep track, here is the current list:

1. Cooper is learning some signs. He can now sign more, milk, all done and eat. His teachers also say that he signs please and thank you at daycare, but mommy and daddy have yet to see those.

2. His verbal skills are coming right along. Dada is still his favorite word, although dog and ball are close behind (he's such a boy!). He CAN say Momma although he tends to just whine instead of saying it. We are working on that. Today when leaving school he told his teacher "Bye."  Tanner quickly called me at work to pridefully report his new word.

3. Little man still has not decided to walk on his own. He loves to walk circles around the living room behind his Thomas the Train push toy. He can stand on his own, but rarely does. One of the ladies at daycare said he could walk where ever he wanted if he would just "grow a pair." Haha! He might be lacking in bravery, but he makes up for with crawling speed!

4. Cooper is developing quite the attitude. This means mommy and daddy are scrounging to learn what to do. Any tips?

5. He is working very hard on getting a few more teeth. He still only has the bottom two. I feel like once he gets more teeth he won't look like a baby anymore. Not sure I'm ready for that.

6. My sweet angel has slept through the night every night except one since his first birthday. This is a big deal! Before now, he hasn't slept through the night more than 3 days in a row - EVER! Mommy is loving the extra sleep, but I miss the snuggle time.  By the way - I always thought moms who said this were crazy.... and stupid. I totally get it now. Since I'm sure I jinxed the sleep streak by actually talking about it, maybe I'll eat my words at 3am.

7. He has learned a fake laugh. It sounds like Woody Woodpecker and a lamb put together. It's hilarious.

Above all, my little man is still a sweetheart. He has such a fun personality. I love getting know him better everyday.

Love you, Coop!