Conversations with Cooper

Me: Cooper, tell mommy if you need to make a peepee or a poopoo. 
Cooper: what bout toots?
M: you don't have to tell me, but you can if you want to. 
C: ok! I make a little toot and a big toot and another little toot! 
C: Hulk is mean. 
M: Hulk is actually one of the good guys. He's a helper. 
C: oh! He help me pick up my toys! 
C: Whispers (his elephant stuffed animal) doesn't have hands. 
M: no. He has feet. 
C: Hulk have hands. Whispers have feet to walk with. 
Daddy: hey young man!
C: I not a young man. 
D: what are you? 
C: I a superhero! Where my cape? I fly in the clouds! 

Mother's Day 2013

In about an hour, it will officially be Mother's Day. We did our traditional celebration at Red Rock last weekend. So this weekend, I think I'll celebrate with a solo trip to Target {insert wistful sigh}.  I, in no way feel like I'm a pro at motherhood. But I do feel like I've come into my own as a mom lately. Maybe it's experience, time, or a regular sleep schedule......who can say?
Anyway, I was a little taken aback this morning when I looked at myself in the bathroom mirror.  Tanner was in the playroom with Coop while I was getting ready to run some errands. I looked up and feel like I saw myself for the first time in a really long time. Not to brag, but I'm pretty proud of my post baby body. It's by far not the best I've ever looked, but I'm pretty happy. I'm training for another 5K with survival as the goal. I'm back in pre-pre-pregnancy clothes. I'm pretty jazzed about that. But I think part of it is that I now know what my body is capable of.
It's like when I looked in that mirror this morning, the last 3 years of my life rushed past. I saw my body carrying a child, an actual human person, inside of it. I saw my body support and nurture that child at the breast for 16 months. I saw my weary body survive sleep deprivation and baby blues and come out the other side desperately in love with my son. I saw a body that survived strep throat last week and a pretty mean stomach virus this week. I saw a body that got up at 7 this morning and jogged with a 30 pound 2-year-old in the stroller. I saw a mother! Not like "soccer mom" or "martyr mom" but MOTHER! I saw a bit of tough girl, momma bear, warrior mom. And I liked it!
I want to not only be a physical fighter, but a spiritual one. It is my job, my duty, my calling to fight spiritual battles on my son's behalf. I must pray protection over his heart and mind. I must help him learn to hide God's word in his heart. I must watch my own words and action to be sure that they reflect the kind of woman I want in his life. I have no choice. Because this world is out to get him. It wants to destroy his innocence and rob him of his holiness.  This world wants to belittle him and pulverize his spirit. And if I'm not careful, I'll sit by and watch as it happens.
I refuse to sit on the sidelines. I will be in the fray, fighting for my son. I will be in God's word and on my knees doing everything humanly possible to make sure that we raise a godly man. I will not get so caught up in the momentary struggle that I lose sight of the prize. I will focus on my attention on the big things without forgetting that the little things matter. I will be a mighty mother.

I will...

Easter Egg Hunt at TCC

The Children's Center hosted their first Easter Egg Hunt for employees and their families. They had a mini petting zoo with little horses, bunnies, and chickens. Cooper loved the horses! He kept trying to move the hair out its eyes. It was really sweet.

During the egg hunt, he got a little lost in the crowd. There were lots of eggs and lots of kids, but he didn't really grasp the "hunt" concept. I found one and guarded it while trying to coax him over to get it. He was more excited about a sticker he found on the ground than he was about the egg. Oh well!

Zoo trip

If you can't tell, I got the blogger app for my phone. So now instead of sharing all the details of our life on Facebook, I can just write a quick post from my phone. I feel like my Facebook account has turned into a total bragfest. Who am I kidding? That's what it is! Anyway - here a quick pic of Coop with his elephant. Daddy bought it for him after our last trip to the zoo. We went two weekends in a row; the boy loves animals.

The whole way home from the zoo he was trying to feed he elephant goldfish and telling it, "I love you so much!"

It was precious!