Dear Difficult Child...

My sister posted this letter on Facebook this evening.  It perfectly describes my sweet Cate-bug!  She has such a strong will.  I know if we can help mold her into a girl who loves Jesus above all else, she will change the world for Him!  
Cate, you have been described as "a spitfire"  since the day you were born.  I knew it long before.  I knew it by the way you stubbornly sat on your foot throughout the majority of your ultrasound.  You also enjoyed hiding your beautiful face the entire time.  I knew from the way you kicked away the doppler when a nurse would try to find your heartbeat.  I knew by the way seemed intent on being in control of how and when you entered the world.  You are fierce, my dear!  I can't wait to see the woman of God you will become.  But for now, I just hope we both make it to your second birthday in one piece!  

"Dear difficult child, 
You've always given me a run for my money. Parenting tactics that worked on your siblings don't work on you. Where they'd give in, you'd push back. Where they'd say "I'm sorry" you'd say "I hate you." My parenting self-esteem has taken many hits as you challenge me over and over again. Your will is like iron and bending it takes all of my energy. 
I've had to dig deep to parent you. I've had to follow through and be stronger than I've ever been before. To be honest, you exhaust me mentally and emotionally. You've embarrassed me in public more times than I can count. 
Some days I feel like I'm failing you, but I refuse to give up. Why?
Because you're mine and I know that one day you'll move mountains. I know that if I can just help you channel that steel will into something good, you'll be a force to be reckoned with. You're fearless. You'll move mountains. You'll defend the silenced. You'll shape the future. You'll breathe fire. 
As you sit in time out, finally calm after screaming and yelling, I want you to know that even though you think I'm the enemy, I'm your biggest cheerleader. You may look in the mirror and see a tear-streaked child with messy hair, but I see a powerhouse. I see a game changer. I see a leader. 
When you finally apologize and learn today's lesson we'll hug it out like we always do and I'll pray that you get it. 
Keep doing you, sweetheart. I know you have fire burning inside of you. It's my job to make sure that you don't let it consume you but instead use it to burn a path in the world one day. 
I get you and I love you. 
xoxo Mama"

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